Tuesday , January 25 2022

Mthethwa vs Mthethwa as Minister sues kwaito artist Eugene


Kwaito legend Eugene Mthethwa faces music after his outbreak at Bassline Newtown on Friday.

Mthethwa told the matches that attended the musician Dan Tshand Memorial that Art and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa wanted him to die.

He said the minister was unhappy when he told President Ciril Ramaphosa that Mthethwa had illegally used public funds to fund the South African Federation (CCIFSA) of the actor Tony Kgoroge's "Federation of Cultural and Creative Industries".

The Minister has authorized his lawyers to initiate proceedings against the kwaito legend.

Mthethwa also stated in his statement that he believed that the artist's remarks were "defamatory and trying to harm and harm his dignity and integrity".

"The threat claimed by Eugene Mthethwa is nothing more than a figure of his imagination."

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