Saturday , June 10 2023

More than 700 full-time students expect schools to be in place in 2019


Nearly 748 students are expected to go to Gauteng in different schools.

The Provincial Department on Wednesday discovered that schools, especially those in Johannesburg's central and eastern and southern regions of Johannesburg, have reached full capacity.

Around 257 648 students have already been posted. Of these, 136 739 relate to Grade 1 and 120 909 relate to Grade 8.

Applications for the 2019 academic year were made using the departmental online system.

For the 748 students who still needed to be deployed, the department said that the districts communicated with their parents about alternative placements.

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Department spokesman Steve Mobon has promised that districts will continue to assist parents who have not filed documents for placement in places where schools are located.

"Parents are required to submit the necessary documents in certain schools.

"The Department is aware that some parents visit our District Offices to find out late registration. Parents should note that the system will be open only to late applications after all applicants who are in the filing period from April 16 to May 28 posted. "

New Date for Late Applicants

Mabona promised that the date would be announced in due time, and only schools that had a place would be included in the system to accommodate late applications.

MEC Panyaza Lesufi said he was aware of the wait time that the placements were cumbersome and depressed for parents and students.

He called for patience because the officials worked hard and were committed to ensuring the placement of all pupils.

Parents were encouraged to send requests for placements at [email protected].

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