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Mokonyane used the Bosasa equipment for the ANC campaign, told #StateCaptureInquiry

Former Bosasa fleet manager Frans Vorster. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha / AfricanNewsAgency (ANA)

Johannesburg – Minister of the Environment Nomvula Mokonyane helped to use part of the Bass Bass Center West Rand ANC to organize a campaign for the 2014 general election, a commission of state admissions on Wednesday.

Boss's former fleet manager and buyer, Frans Vorster, explained in detail how President Gavin Watson emphasized that Mokonyane should be given priority and the needs of the company, now called African Global Operations.

At that time, Mokonyane was Prime Minister of Gauteng. A strong supporter of former President Jacob Zuma, Mokonyane, was a provincial leader between May 2009 and May 20, 2014, and was then appointed Minister for Water and Sanitation. Mokonyane was "very important" to Boss's leadership, said Vorster.

"I was told she had important political contacts, both. T [former president Thabo] Mbeki era and Jacob Zuma. We were instructed to leave everything when he came to Mokonyane … she probably opened the door to Watson because, what she wanted, we jumped and took everything to visit the minister and her family, ”said Vorster.

In 2014, leaders Joe Gumede, Papa Leshabane and Watson asked Vorster to prepare an unused Bosasa call center part for use by ANC members.

"We were instructed to prepare the ANC to run the call center for general election. Our IT department set up computers, tables and phone lines for the ANC group. Approximately 20 to 25 people arrived at the center. He personally led the process," said Vorster.

Kgwerano Financial Services, a subsidiary of Bosasa, supported an invoice for the use of the ANC call center, including two meals a day for two weeks, said Vorster.

After the election, a huge tent was built in the Bosasa parking lot to win the ANC victory.

"After the election, the ANC did not leave immediately. This tent was led by Alistair Gavin, Director General of the Bosa Office Park. Tent, food, cutlery rental and everything else was paid by Bosasa. It was a function for about 400 people," he said.

Vorster confirmed the testimony of former operation commander Angelo Agrizzi that the company was asked to lease vehicles several times to Mokonyane meitai. Vorster said he received a call from Watson at the end of 2015 to hire a daughter in a convertible in December.

"I had to pay a vehicle in my name … so it couldn't be traced back to Mokonyane's daughter. I pretend I'll drive the vehicle … it was a mission to find a convertible and I informed Watson and asked if we could get a luxury car instead." , so we paid the Audi A3, I brought the vehicle to Nomvula Mokonyane's home in Krugersdorf, ”he said.

When it was time to return the vehicle, Mokonyane's daughter asked for an extension until January 2016, which was granted. When the car finally returned after January, Vorster said he realized that it was damaged at the rear. Watson told him, Watson said.

"I filled out the forms in the vehicle rental agency, stating that I was trying to change the vehicle in an attempt to return. The cost of the extended car rental and the cost of exceeding the losses was very high, almost R100,000. The bill was paid by Bosasa."

African News Agency (ANA)

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