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Mfundi Vundla on the death of Lerato Khan

Generations: Legacy Mfundi Vundla's creator left Monday the death of literary writer Lerato Khanyyah, honored by his talent and amazing spirit.

Lerato, who is a rapper HHP's ex-girlfriend and their mother's son, died at a Johannesburg hospital on Monday morning. According to Sowetan, Lerato became ill a few weeks ago and rose naturally.

These messages come only one month after the death of HHP, leaving their son to cope with the loss of both parents.

Lerato worked as a script writer Generations: Legacy where she helped to conceptualize and develop production stories.

"Lerat's death and the transition to the world of predecessors have left me emotionally devastated. Many loved their colleagues, Lerato was overwhelming with the exploration of sharp magic. Generations the writing room, "Mfundi said in a TshisaLIVE statement.

He said that she helped make a move forward when it was at a crossroads and that her legacy would continue to tell what she left.

"At the crossroads, our writing craftsmanship challenged, Lerato's imagination and talent led to stories that entertained and enlightened our audience. Her talk was a transcendental story that has all the good stories. You left us Lerato, but your stories still enrich and inspire television audiences. "

The notice Generations the team said that they miss the "dynamic personality and unmatched work ethics "and expressed his sympathy for Lerato's friends and family.

Meanwhile, Lerato's son Leano's support and prayers continue to spoil social media. Sowetan's source said that Leano had been away from school since HHP's death and had counseling to help deal with sadness.

Although Lerato and the late hip-hop star were co-authors of Leano, they were not romantically involved for many years.

Jabba was traditionally married to the publisher Lerato Sengadi.

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