Thursday , February 25 2021

"Let's hope we will not get a shot" – suggests the imprisonment trial for a possible disappearance

The Grand Café's magnificent restaurant brand says he's feared when he could not pay the alleged generations servant Nafiz Modack and three others for security, the Cape Town Regional Court has heard.

Radley Dijkers showed how accused Nafiz Modack, Colin Booysen, Ashley Fields and Jacques Cronje probably took over the restaurant's safety and ordered owners to pay for the service in 2017. The fifth accused Karl Lakay was killed in Goodwood in August.

The defendant faces a range of charges ranging from extortion to money laundering in connection with the alleged extermination rocket targeting the nightclub and restaurant security industry in Cape Town.

Dijkers told the court that in one case, on 4 November 2017, he could not obtain authorization for a security deposit of R150,000 until 14:00 on that day, as requested by Cronje.

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When Dijkers told Cronje on phone that he had no permission to transfer R150,000, Cronje informed him that he would be in the restaurant for 30 minutes.

Dijkers and Grand Café Director General Stuart Bailey met with a car park to discuss the road ahead before Cronje arrives.

Restaurant meeting

"We are moving and saying that we hope we will not take a shot. It was an intense situation, and Bailey continued to rub his head," said Dijkers.

The videos featured on the site featured several dark cars entering the car park.

When passengers depart from vehicles, Dijkers identified Booisen in black and white tracksuits, Modaka and Cronje.

"Lakai called us and asked if there was a safe place where we could meet, and I told him that we could go upstairs," said Dijkers.

"Knowing that Booysen, Modack and Cronje were there to discuss the R150,000, I did not want them to be close to customers."

He told how the car's convoy, including the Porsche and the BMW X5, were stationed in the restaurant's restaurant eight months earlier.

Journalists are forbidden to photograph lawyers

In this incident, Dijkers was informed that the restaurant security company took TSG – the security company he informed was owned by Booysen, despite the fact that he never signed the contract or received the price.

Another video played in court shows a large group of men walking through the entrance to the restaurant, who are past waiters, on the way to the Dijkers office.

At the time of the assassination of lawyer Pete Mihalik earlier, on Monday, Masters Bruce Pedro denied media coverage of the lawyers involved in this case.

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Mihalik was a leading lawyer in the extortion case before he used litigation earlier.

He was dropped two weeks ago when the children left school at Green Point. He had a funeral on Saturday.

The court was stopped and resumed on Tuesday.

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