Friday , October 22 2021

Land and jobs are expected to be expanded by the EFF


A week later, when we mobilized communities around Tshwane, the EFF and its leader, Julius Malema, will present their plans to South Africa in an effort to persuade voters to support red berets in this year's provincial and national elections.

The opening of the EFF manifesto will take place on Saturday in the giant stadium Soshanguve.

The Red Berets, just like the ANC, who launched their manifesto last month, held hearing tours with various sectors of the community, creating to decide what should be included in its manifesto.

Half a month before its launch in 2014, the party has strengthened its role in the country's political landscape, taking into account the many battles in Parliament, in the courts and in creating a public discourse.

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These include a hand in the fall of former President Jacob Zuma, changing the political face of higher education institutions and taking on the role of soldiers, helping the DA to control three meters – Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) – after the 2016 municipal survey.

It also played an important role in punishing the DA and in taking over the power of the DA and its NMBs, Athol Trollip.

These are some of the areas that a party could concentrate on, although it will also have to rely on some of the projects it started in five administration.


The EFF has often been one of the leading votes on the land issue. It was through this party that the proposal to drain the land without compensation was ultimately passed to the National Assembly. The party also held discussions on this issue and whether South Africa should seek to amend a constitutional clause to become an opportunity.

Malem will have to sell his party's land, some of which have been described as too radical. The EFF has proposed that the whole land should come into the hands of the state, and that those who want to use it for productive means are leased.

It is also expected that the party will continue to invite people to occupy free land, resulting in Malema being charged under the Riotous Assemblies Act, the law of the apartheid era, which is still in the law books.


The EFF will also share its plans on how it intends to tackle the problem of unemployment, which is an extremely difficult situation, aggravated by the sluggish economy in South Africa. Although the country is now formally excluded from the technical downturn, 26.7% of its population is still unemployed.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has sought to attract investors to help stimulate the economy and create jobs, but the EFF has argued that any plans to tackle unemployment should be clear, with deadlines and deadlines.

The EFF has managed to ensure the safety of many workers who were previously offered "casual" or "contract work" in municipalities where it cooperates with the relevant lead party. As a result, employees of Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay worked.

The EFF seems to believe that some jobs should only be reserved for South Africans, as in a country where more and more foreign citizens are looking for employment due to political instability and difficult economic problems in their countries of origin.

Social grants

The leaders of the EFF, who had loved those who were looking for someone who took Zuma, had lost some of their parts of society because many are not sure what to do with the party and its ongoing war with the media and some ANC politicians.

Recently, the party has been rooted in claims that it is linked to the collapse of VBS Mutual Bank, where more than 50 individuals and companies have been charged with bankruptcy near R2bn. The party's vice-president Floyd Shabbambu's brother has received money from the bank's major shareholders, and the claim on both Shivambu and EFF has been cut.

Although the party has rejected all claims that they are affiliated with VBS, narration has been detained and some of the other political parties have used VBS robbery to discredit some EFF leaders.

The European Fisheries Fund has made a number of promises in recent weeks, including increasing social grants, and older people promised to increase from R1 700 to R3 400.

The party has also insisted that they are not just election promises, but commitments that people could use to hold their responsibility if it were held in victory in May.

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