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Kim Kardashian and ecstasy: a love drug that forces you to lose your sexual delay?

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Kim Kardashian West, who has a reputation for excessive drinking, has been consulted on the use of his previous drug ecstasy in the recent segment, "Stay with the Warriors."

"I once was ecstatic and I was married … I did it again, I created a sex tape … everything would be bad too," she explained.

We often hear about the dangers of ecstasy use. We hear of too much dangers about the dangers of overheating, while dancing over it for too long, and are unknowingly exposed to drugs such as "bath salts" that are usually cut into drugs. But attention to the potential social risks associated with drug use in general seems rarely.

Kim accidentally built up a timely PSA, which helps to raise awareness about the potential social damage that can result from use.

What is ecstasy?

Ecstasy, the common name for MDMA, is a stimulant medication with an empadogeneous effect, which means that it improves the feeling of "unity", openness and empathy. Ecstasy has been one of the most popular party medicines since the 1980s and is widely known as "drug addiction", because its effects often allow users to feel very close, or even temporarily, to love with others. Like most medications, ecstasy can influence decision making, and a study published on November 19, 2018 showed that the use of ecstasy increases the co-operation between people you trust while you are high.

Harm reduction

Therefore, given the high popularity of the use, you can ask how people who use ecstasy ensure that they have safe experience? It is often practiced something called "harm reduction".

Harm reduction is the recognition that sometimes people who use substances are sometimes best placed to reduce the potential harm caused by drug or drug use rather than trying to avoid it completely. Needle exchange programs are an example. Harm reduction is used when certain behaviors are applied or avoided in order to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects that may result from the use of the drug.

For example, ecstasy users are usually taught to stay hydrated and take breaks from dancing while it is tall. Many ecstasy users also check their medicines to make sure they are using real MDMA rather than alien drugs, such as "bath salts."

But these are just basic measures to prevent direct negative health disorders. In the discussion, there is largely a lack of discussion about the potential for negative social effects associated with use.

Kardashian West said drug use of ecstasy was at least partly responsible for her decision to marry and create a sex tape. It is not known whether West of Cardshahan really had high ecstasy in these cases and it is not known if she would have decided to participate in these activities if she was not high. However, like alcohol, drugs such as ecstasy can increase the risk of engaging in socially mischievous behavior.

People who are high on drugs like ecstasy can make them guard, too trusting others, and engage in activities that they can regret later. And the technology complicates things.

Mobile phones, which almost everyone can now record, can further ease or exacerbate social risk. Mobile phones are already giving us the opportunity to leave miserable texts, phone calls, social media posts, or to receive or publish misleading photos or videos. But introducing a mental change in a mixture of drugs can increase the risk of such depression occurring.

Once the post or image has been published or shared with a person, it may remain permanently available. The danger is that sexting is already prevalent among young people, and almost one third is considered to have been unanimously linked. An addiction such as ecstasy, which causes sensation and empathy, can further increase the risk of engaging in such behavior – unanimously or unanimously.

And social risks are by no means sexting. You can post or say something to someone while you do not want to share. And if you have a photo or video while high, you may not want to see your parent or the boss. If drug use is included in the mix of daily communication, there is a greater risk of social harm.

Which actors must keep in mind

Those who decide to use any drug, legal or illegal, must keep in mind the potential social risks. You should not create a sexual tape or decide to get married the same day, but it is worth avoiding any possible social harm that may result from high drug use. If you decide to use a drug like ecstasy, learn about the effects of this medicine and how to prevent possible harm. And get rid of social media while you're no longer irritated.

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