Monday , March 8 2021

Kehl is disappointed with the fan's reaction to her pregnancy

Kehl says she is disappointed with some of her fans' reactions to her pregnancy, with some accusing her of "transferring" to LGBTQ fans, having a child with a man.

The 23-year-old singer, who identifies as pan-skinned, revealed last month that she was expecting her first child, and after receiving a big announcement, refused to receive such negative statements, some accusing her of "transferring" to LGBTQ fans.

She said, "I've got everything from" I think she's a lesbian "," she used the queerness to promote her career, then went and handed it to us with a man, "her baby's father is only a sperm donor." I've never been identified as a lesbian. I have always been panties.

My first mixtape included songs about men and songs about women. I never woke up and decided to become a "sympathetic icon" in the century. To me, so much attention to me outside my art, I am already a little disturbed. There are people in this community who are fighting for equality in real ways rather than singing about it and performing in events such as myself. "

Kehlani – who's with a child with her guitarist Javie Young-White – also invited her fans to identify, but they feel most comfortable.

She added to the magazine Nylon: "I also saw a lot of discomfort using the word queer, indicating that it was used to prevent people from identifying with a more" fixed "term, such as bi / lesbian / gay / My answer is this: "For someone to make you feel as safe as your true identity, you must identify it as such, but it is not protected by the same society that should be safe."

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