Friday , October 22 2021

Jussie Smollett for the first time talks about an attack


Chicago – Empire actor Jussie Smollett said Friday that he is "consistent at all levels" with the police during the investigation into what he says was a racist and homophobic attack on him in the center of Chicago this week.

In his first public comments he says two masked men attacked him on Tuesday In a police investigation as a possible hate crime, black and open gay actors challenged the rumors of a social rumor that he had been less cooperative and changed his story.

"I work with the authorities and I'm 100% actual and consistent at all levels," he said in a statement that the broker released the day after his family announced a similar announcement. "Despite my frustration and serious concerns about some inaccuracies and distortions, I still believe that justice will be delivered."

The 36-year-old Smollett told the police that two masked men attacked him at Streeterville Street when he went home from a restaurant. He said he was being harassed, racist and homophobic insulted on him, poured an unknown chemical on him and wrapped his rope around his neck.

There are many hotels and restaurants in the heart of Chicago, and it has a widespread coverage of surveillance video, and although the police have found materials from Smollet traveling home, including a video of her arriving in her house with a rope around her neck – they're not have found an attack or men who describe his attackers.

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In his statement, Smollett expressed his gratitude for the "bliss of love and support" he received since the attack – even the president weighed on Thursday, calling it "terrible". But critics have also turned to social media to point out that Smollett has changed his event and has not fully cooperated with the investigators, pointing out what the police say Smollett refused to allow detectors to go through his phone records to check if he is call your manager when he was attacked.

The police have not indicated that Smollett or his manager was in no way wrong. On Friday, police head of the Superdendent Eddie Johnson said that during the WLS-TV appearance, although detective had not found an attack video, Smollett was "very cooperative and we have no reason at this point to think he is not real with us."

While the detectives are still collecting and screening video from many public and private surveillance cameras located near the place where Smollett said they were attacked, Johnson said it would be uncommon for such an attack not to capture video.

Although Chicago has a wide network of cameras, it does not provide full coverage, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi explained. Some cameras rotate and do not take the same places continuously, so there is a good chance that detectors cannot find the frames that Smollett is attacking.

The gugli said he was optimistic that the investigators would identify and find two people they want to talk because the grainy shots show they were around the area when Smollett says they were attacked.

"Somewhere there is a camera that shows that they arrive somewhere, that they drove or went to the bus," he said, indicating that these two are not considered suspicious and that the investigators want to talk to them in the hope that they might be useful to them information.

Smollets, who plays the Fox television show gay Jamal Lyon, is also a musician and activist who focuses on LGBTQ issues. The lawyers planned a Friday night rally in New York to support Smollett and LGBTQ survivors.


"Beautiful People

Let me start by saying that I'm ok. My body is strong, but my soul is stronger. More importantly, I would like to thank you. The release of my village's love and support has meant more than ever when I can really put words in words. I work with institutions and I am 100% actual and coordinated at all levels. Despite my dissatisfaction and serious concerns about some common inaccuracies and distortions, I still believe that justice will be provided. As my family pointed out, these cowardly attacks take place for my sisters, brothers and unequal sexes and sisters. I am not and should not be considered as a separate incident. We will soon talk and I will address all the details of this terrible situation, but I need time to process it. Most importantly, trauma, sadness and pain still have to be guided by love. That's all I know. And it can't be squeezed out of me.

With love, respect and honor …

Jussie. "

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