Wednesday , March 22 2023

Gillette screams men in a new ad – and some are furious


Another of Gillette's new commercial "We Believe".

  • Gillette published a commercial name "We Believe" on Monday asking men to change their behavior based on the #MeToo movement.
  • Business encourages men to be "the best" by holding each other accountable and eliminating excuse for bad behavior.
  • Some have been very critical of online advertising.

Gillette calls on men to reinforce it.

A new ad, called 'We Believe', which lasts an hour and a half, encourages men to change their behavior. It refers directly to the #MeToo movement to confront American culture.

"Gillette believes men are the best – being responsible for each other by eliminating excuses for bad behavior and supporting a new generation working against their personal" best ", we can make positive changes that will be important for years to come," Gary Coombe, Gillette President of the parent company Procter & Gamble, announced the advertising.

The ad opens with a message anchor sound that encompasses a simulated report about # MeToo related movements. Then the narrator asks, "Is this the best person? Is it?"

Narration continues over men's scenes that change behavior

"We can't hide it. It's been too long. We can't laugh at it. Making the same old excuse. But something finally changed. And it won't be back. We believe in the best men to tell the right thing to do the right thing to do right, some already there are those who are big and small, but some are not enough because the boys who are watching today will be the men of tomorrow.

This ad was developed by Gillette's advertising agency Gray and was directed by Kim Gehrig. Gillette also promised $ 1 million a year for non-profit groups ", which aims to help men of all ages achieve their personal" best "by changing today's human talks for future generations."

Not everyone is on the Gillette report.

Hundreds of comments and answers Twitter Message and the YouTube video debuted in a negative mood. Many people criticized the tone of the ad compared to the lecture.

"Propaganda [sic]clean and simple, ”said one comment.

Others had problems with how they painted men.

"This ad is awful," said another. "It is dripping with contempt for men and defending ridiculous stereotypes [sic]. "

"Wow is literally attacking us for being men," said one comment from YouTube, attracting more than 100 thumbs, such as an agreement.

Some promised to boycott Gillette or said they were happy that they had already stopped buying Gillette razors.

"I've bought Gillette products for 55 years … no more. I understand that most men are dogs, it's just not true," said one person.

Some positive comments were buried among them.

"You are just a new customer," one person tweeted.

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In recent months and years, Gillette has been blocked in the fight to stop the bleeding caused by sales as fewer men.

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