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Fortnite Cheat Sheet Map for 7th Season 9 Week Challenges

If you are struggling with Fortnite Challenges in Season 7, Week 9, here is a fraudulent page that will help you to solve problems faster. There are places where you can dance with the sun clock, an oversized coffee cup and a giant metal dog head, as well as the location of the gold balloons.

New challenges are released every Thursday and today they are no different. Now Fortnite Challenges for Season 7, Week 9 This week, players will be able to unlock Prisoner because there are now 63 challenges that are available, and the Snowfall challenge to unlock skin requires players to complete 60 challenges. Here's a Fortnite cheat sheet that will help you complete the 7th Season 9 Week 9 challenges much faster thanks to ItsEnergie:

Fortnite Cheat Sheet Map for Season 7, Week 9
Fortnite Cheat Sheet Map for Season 7, Week 9


  • Use sneaky snowman in different games (3)
  • Gradual problem: land…
    • Stage 1: Land in the retail line
    • Stage 2: Land on Frosty flights
    • Stage 3: Land in Haunted Hills
    • Stage 4: Land in narrow shafts
    • Closing Stage: Earth Dusty Divot
    • Eliminate enemies with Junk Junction or Retail Row.
  • Gradual challenge: Dancing on top…
    • Stage 1: Dance over the sun
    • Stage 2: Dance over cups of oversized coffee
    • Stage 3: Dance on a giant metal head


Fortnite Season 7, Week 9 Challenges
Fortnite Season 7, Week 9 Challenges

When you finish four of the seven challenges in week 9, you will get rewarded with 9000 season XP.

Cheated page map marks places where you have to give dance as one of the challenges. The map marks the location of the sun clock, the first-place players will have to dance, followed by oversized coffee outside the Dusty Diner, and finally the giant metal dog head outside Junk Junction.

Players will also need to spend 10 gold balloons scattered on Fortnite. A cheated page marks 11 possible locations, although there may be more balloon locations.

After completing all the challenges of the 9th week of the 7th season, players will unlock the screens that will provide them with the location of a secret star in the snowfall.

Snow Week 9 Load Screen
Snow Week 9 Load Screen

The location of the battle star is marked on a fraudulent page and can be found north of Happy Hamlet.

As mentioned earlier, the completion of 60 available 63 Fortnite challenges will release prisoners – snowfall skin. The prisoner has various stages that can be seen here.

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