Saturday , March 6 2021

Fallout 76 Where to go first?

Fallout-76-Where-to-go first

FDespite the players' games, for example, their open world title, is first a bit surprising. You use your first temporary measures outside the corduroy and often leave a question as to what to do next. Of course, there are goals and tasks that are good for you when loading the game, but what should you really do in the first few hours of the game? Well, we're here to help with our Fallout 76 guide, which explains where to go first when you start your adventures in Apache.

While players may be tempted to enter the irradiation of West Virginia, the real answer to "where to go Fallout 76 first" is to stay ahead of the challenges. The card of this game is massive and filled with big cities and dangerous enemies. When you create it from Swatch 76, you will have a single quest: locate the supervisor camp. This is just a short walk from the Vault and how you will learn all the new imagination you will play.

And this tutorial is not over when you arrive. Instead, you'll find out where the supervisor went and get quick and unsatisfactory training on some of the core functions of the game. In these opening moments you will find things like how to erect up, how to move your camp and how to remove items (click on these links for even better directions). Then you will be redirected to the nearby town where you will receive more quest and advice. They are all good for you to focus on a game that is very different from the past Fallout titles.

When you complete a mission in which you become a volunteer, you have a few more options and, if you have collected items, you are much more able to survive in an empty land. At this point, you can explore a little more if you want. Continue your quest, or just choose a direction and start walking. If you see Deathclaw, then you've gone too far, so go back and maybe do some more tasks to reach the level and become a better survivor. Whatever you do, just move slowly, pick up random items and have fun.

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