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Explore the Rage 2 option land

To date, Rage 2 exposures have been fairly linear; Infertile Open World Opening Avalanche Studios and the id post-apocalyptic shooter are strictly limited to highlighting the excessive and excessive combat system of the game. As for my last practical work with the game, I wasn't given the key of the kingdom, but I was given the keys to rusted out the bucket, which is generously referred to as the "car", and I was allowed to travel a small portion of the Rage 2 card.

[I had to become] reality TV star in such a way that it would be cruel, it would make Kardashian wince.

My first stop was the return to Wellspring. The neon and rust expansion from the original game was begging to be re-tested, but as my time with the game was limited, I decided to run away from the contracted board sons and various other NPC seekers and instead activate the main story. Wellspring Mayor Loosum Hagar was blocked by a force struggle with a court twerp named Klegg Clayton (a rich offspring mayor Clayton of the original), and I was accused of sneaking at Clayton high-rise office to plant a bug on his computer. To access my domain, I first had to create my celebrity status, becoming a reality TV star in such a way that it would be cruel to make Kardashian wince.

Bash for Cash

The original Rage fans will no doubt be happy to hear that Mutant Bash TV is back and more cruel than ever before. The main role in the gore-packed game show was my first goal to raise my celebrity status and it was a great time for me to introduce the four main arenas that had hit my shotgun.

Mutant Bash TV is back and more cruel than ever.

These deathtrap dungeons are similar to the previous game, but Rage 2's dynamic combat system manages to judge a little. For example, in the jungle thematic "Monkey Business" arena, instead of slowly attracting mutant ghoul waves in a mechanical, gorilla, swirling around the perimeter of the room, I could use the Shatter's ability to firmly tilt the useless horde to splash against the animated monkey razorsharp.Elswhere huge, pointed balls that pulsed with electricity proved to be the perfect tool to help me in my mutation destruction, and the muscular, mini-gun that held the ghoulu at an elevated stage turned out to be a much tougher opponent compared to machine network encryption through the walls in the walls and ceiling. All in all, my explosion through Mutant Bash TV was a satisfying and anxiously ridiculous, ever-moving shooting action Rage 2 part.

Going to despair

Unfortunately, the second part of the mission – the two-lap race Chazcar Derby – was unable to impress to the same extent. It was not so much related to the chain itself; a winding dirt road that split into alternative routes and keyboard shortcuts, highlighting vehicles over wavy lines and robbing them of hair carved in a red rock. Nor was it related to the quality of the AI ​​opposition, which, despite the lack of weapons, which was an obvious introduction, retained a difficult level of aggression from start to finish.

The most serious competition, unfortunately, arose from inconsistent handling and continuous fluctuations.

Instead, the biggest buzzkill came from car transhipment, which was sometimes too slippery and too sluggish, and a continuously fluctuating frame rate that made every circle more than a fight than it should. (Note: I was playing the PC version of the game.) As a result, although I managed to achieve the podium finish necessary to fulfill the mission's purpose, I crossed the finish line with a greater sense of relief than satisfaction. Given the importance and enjoyment of the original Rage racing component, I still hope that the developers will have an optimal race for race 2, which will be specified in time for the May release date, but at the moment it feels like a tune up.

Returning to Wellspring with my celebrity status raised to the VIP prestige level (all locals recognized me as a "champion" as I went, I went), I went to Clayton office and while he was diverted from his own details to a bad guy monologue I slipped the "gizmo" error on my personal computer. But just as I showed my way out to the elevator, seemingly without a view, the floor gave way, and I was sunk in the basement of the building to pick up Clayton & # 39; The pet is a powerful monster that is perhaps best described as a rancor beast table shorts. but Clayton escaped from the city plane.

Outside the Thunder

While I enjoyed the Rage 2 story mission, I played – technical problems in racing mode – my game exploration outside the story was a little less inspiring. At a time that remained in my practical session, I decided to try a few card-related activities and was disappointed to find that both were fairly open-minded global gaming efforts.

One was "Pit Stop", which was essentially the destruction of several fuel tanks in the enemy fuel storage. In the second, I was instructed to make a huge turtle turret, blasting it firmly into the glowing parts and shielding myself from returning to the empty cargo containers. None of the activities was particularly remarkable, and each of them resembled a lot of similar checklists that we have already experienced in several Far Cry and Just Cause games.

It was obviously a small sample size, and the developers had previously stated that the Rage 2 environment is a huge expanse with diverse terrain ranging from swampland to high-tech laboratories. But if the card is just dotted with unrivaled, rinsing, repetitive action, it could make Rage 2 the "right" open world a little less tempting to explore. This last practical work confirmed once again that Rage 2's first-person shooting brand is liquid, indecent and fun, but it is yet to be seen whether the world built to deploy ultra-violence is an intriguing outcome or a more wasted opportunity.

Tristan Ogilvie is a video producer IGN AU. He almost never tweets, but when he does, you can find him here.

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