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Explained: Why does PSG wear his away set against Liverpool?

League 1 has chosen to appear on the White Wednesday's big Champions League game Parc des Princes

On Wednesday, when Paris Saint-Germain reaches the square against Liverpool at the Parc des Princes, they wear their white shift kit.

At the same time, Jürgen Klop's side will wait in the traditional red color, striking the roles of ordinary home and team.

This season, PSG has two specialized European sets, both of which are manufactured with the Air Jordan brand, although not only being considered a "home" or "away" kit.

In the race against Anfield Red, they had the black "fourth" set, although they did not get any fortune because they fought against Premier League clothes and despite the fight against the level after the last 2-0.

But on Wednesday they have chosen to wear their white shift strip at home, hoping that it will make them change in the future.

They do not need it, because the black set does not match Liverpool's collision. Taking the desire to wear what their "third" set is, he has pushed his opponents out of the red tradition for a clear clash.

The white set will be the first appearance, and PSG played only black in the first four rounds of the Champions League.

Why is PSG wearing Air Jordan?

This is the first season when PSG has joined Air Jordan, announcing a deal in September to become the first professional football club that brings together a brand that is more familiar with its presence in basketball.

However, championship league sets are only for European games.

When playing local games, they can be seen playing in the usual dark blue color, but the red sounds in the center. In its turn, the Ligue 1 set is a simple white with a golden finish, slightly different from the European version, which is in silver color, and has a thin bar with the center of the chest.

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PSG could suffer from the elimination of the Champions League if on Wednesday they will lose the game against Liverpool, but next month the final will leave them to the mountain to go to the last round.

After losing to Anfield Reds, they returned again, collecting five points out of three games, although the couple are opposed to Naples, meaning they play over the next two rounds.

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