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Eagles will not miss injured Uzoho against Bafana-Exxon-Keepers – Punch News


Idris Adesina

Former Nigerian goalkeepers Ike Shorunmu and Segun Ogun have said that Super Eagles will miss the goalie Francis Uzoch in his Cameroon 2019 African Cup against South Africa after his club has been injured in his four weeks.

Elche goalkeeper Uzoho, who lost five goals to his club's 5-1 defeat at Cadiz on Sunday in Spiga Segunda, will be held in four weeks in four weeks, the club announced on Monday.

Elche said the goalkeeper was injured in his circle.

"The tests made today (Monday) by Clinica Tesla revealed that the football player Francis Uzoho is the breakthrough of the seventh arm of the armchair. Estimated time of return: four weeks," the club was the first to write Twitter.

Hence, he was in fact eliminated from November 17th the significant AFCON qualification mark between Eagles and second place in the Johann Buffen Bafan in AFCON.

Shorunmu and Ogun, who spoke with our correspondent on Monday, said that Uzoho's absence was an opportunity for other goalkeepers to prove their anger to Eagles coach.

Gernot Rohr has been consistently stuck in the Uzoho team's games since the age of 20 was debuting in 2017.

Shorunmu said that the absence of the holder will not affect the team's chances in the race. He believes the other goalkeepers, Ikechukwu Ezenwa and Daniel Acpeyi, will either use their chances or reason why they played Uzoho's second violin.

"The player's absence from the team can not make the team distort. The fact that Uzoho is the first number does not mean he will be there forever – his injury should not throw the team in a crisis," he said.

"The team also has other goalkeepers who were invited because they were good enough for the team. This is an opportunity for them to prove to the coach that they can be the team number first.

"Any goalkeeper chosen can make the game or log in, but it is also an opportunity for the coach to try other options in this position. The team will not miss him, because no player is indispensable."

Ogun believes that the coach should get acquainted with the Uzhoo Games substitute local league.

He said: "The coach should replace the injured keeper with a good alternative from the many good ones that we have in the local league. The team will not miss him, because, unfortunately, the three goalkeepers in the team are not the best in the country.

"But with Uzoho, it's an opportunity for others to take the lead role. Injuries are part of the game, and it can happen at any time. I believe the team will not get him spirit because a good replacement process will work."

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