Thursday , January 27 2022

Apple's leak points point to 'Radical New iPhone' –


I always think it is fun when companies release a product and label it as "new and improved". What are you doing even worse when you convert this thing?

In the case of Apple, every reprogrammed and new release they distribute is elaborated in detail and is often good before the product even comes to the market.

The dust almost does not change Release of iPhone XS and iPhone XS and Apple Watchand the focus is on the iPhone XI / iPhone 11.

9to5Mac with these details, many of which became visible after the financial giants Barclays began to deposit investors:

… At the back of the new iPhone, there will be three cameras, especially in a strange aesthetic layout, placed in a huge square square of the camera. Three cameras in the middle are out of line with the other two, and the camera is shifted over…

Three cameras can help you capture better photos, allowing the device to collect more light and color information, or have applications for extended reality. The third lens is probably a depth sensor, not a standard RGB camera lens.

I think we are now far from the stage where you should think about beating the digital camera, because they are only outdated.

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Back with Forbes, who said the leak "accidentally reveals a radical new iPhone":

Barclays Unveils Apple will also integrate new antenna technology into all new iPhone devices. The report does not describe how this will be done, but the transition from a liquid crystal antenna to a modified PI approach has been discussed. The consequence would be a safer signal and / or faster data…

Except for the fact that South African mobile phone companies are charging ridiculous prices for these countries.

Another anticipated change through leakage:

Barclays, in developing its own antenna technology, understands that Apple will also introduce next-generation WiFi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) for iPhone XI. WiFi 6 is not only faster, but more efficient, which helps battery life.

More battery life to win.

I think we are now just waiting for the next leak to fill some gaps.

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Maybe it's time to upgrade to the iPhone XS?

Continue, join the revolution.

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