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A new South African oral hygienist just shared an amazing dental secret – and it's going abroad

  • Joburg's oral hygienist has been surprised at how dentists know whether you are looking for teeth.
  • It turns out that your gums reveal a lot about your dental hygiene.
  • Her position on Quora has gone viral and was taken by one of the largest media in the UK.

A new Johannesburg oral hygienist has agreed on an amazing way for dentists to know that you are not taking care of your teeth, and revelation has proven to be an immediate hit with international audiences.

Boitumelo Koopedi (27) recently published a note on the popular question and answer platform Quora explaining how to judge whether a mouth is healthy.

"Twice a year before cleaning, some patients who have not properly or regularly cleaned their teeth are trying to" hide "evidence of cleaning their teeth three minutes before appointment or five to ten minutes before they leave their home for the appointment. ”

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But observing your gums, you can clearly see who cares for your teeth, she says.

Koopedi, who works on the Roodepoort dental practice, was divided into two oral photographs:


Unhealthy mouth

Although the first look at the mouth with white teeth looks healthier, she says that red gums are a clear problem solution.

“If you do not stop the plate for a long time, it will cause gingivitis (gingivitis). Inflammation of the affected gum area in the blood enters the bloodstream and causes the red color of the gum. ”

"Within a few hours it is not possible to simply cleanse or gingivitis," says Koopedi. Depending on how severe it is, it may take a few days to a week before the visible symptoms disappear.

"So your teeth can sparkle like a mother's pearl, but your gums have all the signs of bad oral hygiene practices."

This mouth, even with yellow teeth, is healthier, she says:

healthy mout

Healthier mouth

"If you properly cleanse (and dental floss) to stop plaque formation, your gums will have a light pink tinge at the junction where gum and teeth meet, which is a good sign of health, not inflammation."

Her position was a virus on Quora, and so far it had more than 350,000 views, and on Wednesday it was also taken on the UK's massive Daily Mail website. The site reaches 100 million readers per month.

The article about her revelation was shared several times than the story of British queens on Wednesday.

Koopedi tells South African company "Insider" that she is passionate about dental health just two years ago working in this field.

Boitumelo Koopedi.

Boitumelo Koopedi.

After his matriculation in Lenaia, she worked for the bank. "But I really hated it." She decided to continue studying only knowing she wanted to work in the healthcare sector.

Koopedi came out of the Pretoria University prospectus and received it immediately.

A colleague at Roodepoort dentists, where she works, says Koopedi is "absolutely excellent" in her work.

Dental health is very rarely the first priority for South African residents, Koopedi said Business Insider. She would like to see more people thinking about their teeth, just like the rest of their bodies.

She also wants to see more flossing.

"You have to do it once a day – to get rid of this gingivitis between teeth."

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